We just discover what nature creates, and sometimes the smallest creatures are the most unique. My interpretation of ALCHEMY is through one of the most dangerous creations: POISON

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I’ve been inspired by arrow frogs; my intention is to create garments for a unique, rare and precios woman. Both strong and sensual, just like these animals.

 In nature both the haunter and the prey have some sort of camouflage; the haunter has camouflage so as to chase its victim without it noticing. the prey has also camouflage so as to not be seen by the haunter.

those frogs don’t hide. their skin in their coverage which both attires attention and makes the other know what they are capable of.

in our society, everyone is wearing jeans, which are the humans camouflage in society, they don’t outstand, they just mix within the crowd. My collection is for a woman which doesn’t hide, she is not afraid of being different and attract other’s attention.


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